The required presentation guidelines are:

  • Presentations should last no longer than 30 minutes in length. (Please note: this includes the actual presentation plus other engagement elements, such as a Q&A session).
  • Presentations must fall under one or more of the aforementioned proposal streams.
  • Use common categories to focus your work, such as introduction/background, research, dilemma/questions, methodology, statistics, results, analysis and conclusion.
  • Consider using virtual engagement strategies, such as surveys, polls and Q&As, to add meaningful interaction and creativity to your presentation. For example, the Hopin platform (where the conference will be hosted) offers Slido integration, which allows you to set up quizzes, polls, surveys, audience questions and more in an interactive and visual format. Learn more about the Slido feature and how to use it here.
  • If you are using a PowerPoint for your presentation, you must use the IT@UofT 2021 template, which will be emailed to you if your proposal is selected.
  • Determine your presentation format (i.e., lecture, workshop, Q&A, etc.) as it is required for the submission form.
  • Submit your presentation title and speaker name(s)/title(s) as you would like it to appear on the IT@UofT 2021 schedule.