1. Culture and core values
      Creating a culture that supports development and promotes shared leadership, learning, creativity, excellence in service and teamwork are ITS Core Values as well as values seen across the entire IT@UofT tri-campus community at the University. Share your expertise and experience on how to cultivate high-performance team practises, including professional development. Keep in mind: creative and critical thinking are encouraged – don’t be afraid to think outside the box and motivate others to do the same!
    2. Information security and privacy
      This year’s conference will bring a special focus to information security and privacy. The Information Security team’s motto is “one team, one goal,” meaning staying safe online is a collective effort and that U of T requires a diverse range of input and expertise in this area. Therefore, we are soliciting proposals about news, trends and best online practises as they relate to data, security and information privacy. We are also welcoming topics on broader issues, such as ethics and notice (i.e., privacy, data collection).

Initiatives within IT@UofT support the University’s mission of teaching, learning and research. Subject matter experts who can deconstruct complex issues, examine tools and offer key learnings, results and analysis will play an important role in the 2021 conference sessions. Consider submitting a project and/or idea that links to one of these three streams, which can involve technical solutions or people/collaborative-based initiatives:

  1. Instructional and academic technology and initiatives
  2. Research-related technology and initiatives
  3. Administrative technology and initiatives